Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message

Controversies over the MPF offsetting mechanism have drawn much attention lately. Representatives of both employees and employers and the government have been maintaining close communication regarding their different views.


Over the last few years, I have been submitting CPPCC proposals regarding the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.


Innovation and technology has become an important engine to drive sustained and diversified economic development in many parts of the world.


The Year of the Rooster is finally here to grace this wonderful spring. Let me take this opportunity to wish all Committee Members and Members of the Chamber as well as our friends from different sectors a prosperous new year!


In the past year, Hong Kong’s business environment was inevitably affected by the increasing downward pressure on the economy, continuing social conflicts and rising operating costs.


Hong Kong should respond to the new developments. While consolidating its pillar industries, Hong Kong also has to support the development of potential industries such as the innovation, technology, cultural and creative industries.


The new Committee will uphold the Chamber’s missions to serve the business community, participate in Hong Kong and the country’s economic construction, and contribute to the society. We will serve members wholeheartedly.


As long as our people put aside all their prejudices and shift their focus back to economic development and improvement of people’s livelihood to make more practical efforts for Hong Kong’s long-term economic and social development, Hong Kong will still have a promising future.


Hong Kong must get itself ready, be proactive in enhancing its competence in financial and professional services, seize the opportunities made available by the interconnectivity amongst the markets of the three places, further consolidate Hong Kong’s position as a financial center.


Hong Kong can perform its functions as an international financial centre and the largest offshore RMB business hub to provide comprehensive financial support for Sino-British economic and trade cooperation.