Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message

By working in solidarity, Hong Kong can be expected to ride out the
storm and get back on track soon.


In the face of the crisis, we must stay levelheaded, lay the groundwork for post-pandemic recovery and identify new opportunities.


The HKSAR government’s decisive implementation of large-scale relief measures will help mitigate the challenges brought by the external environment.


We hope the soon-to-be-announced Budget will provide continued short-term support measures to help companies to overcome the hurdles, and propose mid- to long-term policies aimed at promoting the diversification of industries.


Looking into the new year, we hope all sectors of society can stand in solidarity rather than conflict. It is time to work together to overcome the challenges facing the economy and create new opportunities for local businesses.


Hong Kong plays a significant role in the transformation of the country, it should leverage its strengths and proactively seek to take part in the country’s development, while continuing to bolster its global network and serve as the springboard for the country to connect with the rest of the world.


We earnestly hope that the HKSAR government will put a stop to all violence with measures pursuant to the law and restore social order, so that business will be able to operate in a stable environment, only in which will the support measures be truly effective.


As long as Hong Kong and Shenzhen cooperate fully on policies, they should be able to play a key leading role in advancing the development of the Greater Bay Area.


I firmly believe that when all sectors of society are united – especially when we return to peaceful, rational dialogs on the social issue facing us, we will be able to find a way out and usher Hong Kong into a better future.