Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message - Maximizing Business Community´s Role in Promoting Prosperity and Stability

Dr. Charles Yeung 【President】

Silver Bauhinia Star, JP

The new CGCC Committee has been elected last month. I am much obliged to CGCC members for their trust in me as Chairman for another term, during which I will continue to partner with our member enterprises to brave challenges and capture the new opportunities that arise from China’s rapid development and regional economic cooperation. I will also be working with them to build a favorable business environment and promote the more harmonious and stable development of Hong Kong’s society.

Supporting HKSAR Government’s Administration According to Law

This year is crucial for Hong Kong’s constitutional development. The new Committee will hold fast to CGCC’s position on constitutional development. We will promote the gradual and orderly development of Hong Kong’s constitution in accordance with the Basic Law and the framework decided by the NPC Standing Committee, making concerted efforts towards the goal of a one-person-one-vote Chief Executive election.

We believe the vast majority of the Hong Kong people agree that opinions on constitutional reform should be expressed in a peaceful and rational manner. We firmly oppose to those protesting through the illegal, radical “Occupy Central” movement. To support the police in preserving social stability in accordance with the law, CGCC has earlier participated in a signature movement that urged for ending the occupation, restoring social order and safeguarding the rule of law. It has won support from the general public. Through the signature movement, CGCC and most citizens have clearly expressed their reluctance to see any damage to the long-established sound business environment and harmonious society of Hong Kong and, in particular, to the rule of law that we always uphold.

As the occupy movement blocks major roads, restaurants and shops operating in the affected areas are the first to bear the brunt. Not only that, its impact gradually feeds through to the tourism, logistics and other service sectors. It is anticipated that the movement’s effect on business operation, employment and people’s livelihoods will gradually surface in the fourth quarter. According to the conservative estimates of academics, the occupy movement at its early stage has brought about a loss of over HK$350 billion to Hong Kong’s economy. If the movement lasts and escalates, Hong Kong will have to pay a heavy economic and social price. We are worried that any impact on the existing business-friendly environment would dampen investment sentiment and erode the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong, posing a big threat to the long-term development of our economy and society.

We firmly believe that the rule of law is not only the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s success, but also an important foundation for the city to maintain a fair business environment and sustain the growth of various industries such as financial and professional services. We will fully support the HKSAR Government’s administration according to the law. And it is our hope that all sectors in society can be unprejudiced, rational and pragmatic to forge the biggest consensus through discussion in a peaceful and lawful manner, so that a constitutional reform package widely acceptable by the public can be worked out.

Catalyzing Economic Interaction

While paying attention to social affairs, the new Committee will remain committed to serving CGCC member enterprises and the business community. We will strive to make their voices on business and trade related issues heard by relevant authorities. Moreover, efforts will be made to strengthen economic ties with Mainland China, so that we can serve as an important bridge in the country’s new round of market liberalization. For instance, our cooperation with new economic planning zones such as Nansha, Qianhai and Hengqin will be further stepped up. To this end, we will organize forums, seminars and study missions, and facilitate the signing of cooperation agreements. By forging closer ties between the Hong Kong business community and the Mainland, these efforts will be conducive to the liberalization of trade in services between the two places. Our international business network will be strengthened too, so that we can better assist our member enterprises and business communities around the globe in capturing opportunities in the East Asian economic development. This in turn will enhance Hong Kong’s role as a gateway for Mainland companies to go global and for foreign companies to expand into the Mainland.

Placing Great Importance on Society’s Future

CGCC places equal importance on nurturing business talents and young people. The new Committee will continue organizing and sponsoring activities related to youth training to enrich their understanding of China’s development as well as social experience. Meanwhile, we will sustain CGCC’s philosophy of promoting corporate social responsibility. To extend the business community’s care for society, our “We Care We Share” Campaign will plan an array of activities for the elderly, grassroots and underprivileged, contributing towards social harmony.

In short, upholding CGCC’s fine tradition of loving the nation and Hong Kong, the new Committee will actively unite all business sectors to promote the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. Furthermore, we will act as a bridge in China’s comprehensive deeper reforms, making greater contribution towards the realization of the “China Dream”.