2021 September
2021 《Vision》
2021 September

New Opportunities Await in Green Finance

In response to the common global challenge of climate change, many countries have pledged to reduce their carbon emissions and are actively driving the post-COVID-19 goal of “green recovery”.

A New Landscape Shaped by Sino-US Rivalry

The US military’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan has triggered a ripple effect on the global power map, with the Biden administration’s subsequent policy towards China attracting renewed attention. Despite such a shift, China remains confident in moving forward steadily.

Fine Wines on the Net

Wine is a must for happy get-togethers and business negotiations. Combined with the application of modern technology

New Investment Hotspots – a Focus on the UAE

When it comes to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Hong Kongers probably think of its airline, oil and Burj Khalifa Tower, the tallest building in the world. Indeed, the UAE is a new hotspot for investment that cannot be ignored by Hong Kong businesses as it has a stable economy, boasts a sound infrastructure and offers a lot of opportunities.

Stories Across Time with Exquisite Writing Instruments

Hobbies are not always synonymous to obsessions. Montblanc fountain pens, for example, often incorporate art, cultural and historical aspects in their design themes. When a collector picks up his favorite pen, stroking the barrel and appreciating its fine details, the encounter is no different from taking a meticulously curated lesson in culture.