2024 February
Homing in on Beijing’s High-speed Development to explore Beijing-Hong Kong Cooperation Opportunities

Jonathan Choi, the Chamber’s Chairman led a business delegation to Beijing earlier where they met with the municipal leaders to discuss the next round of collaboration between Beijing and Hong Kong. Two major business districts, Chaoyang and Tongzhou, were focus sites for this visit and delegates were deeply impressed by the rapid development of Beijing Municipal Administrative Center.


Bolstering two-way exchange and interaction between Beijing and Hong Kong

Yin Li, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, met with the delegation. He pointed out that Beijing has made continuous efforts in recent years to build a global technology innovation center and a global digital city, turning the city’s high quality development to its advantage. He commended the Chamber for its long-term commitment to promoting exchange and cooperation between Hong Kong and the mainland. He hoped that the Chamber would assume an active role in leading Hong Kong businesses to capture development opportunities in Beijing and create more international exchange platforms for businesses in both cities. It would bring in more high-quality companies to invest in China.
According to Choi, the visit to Beijing aimed to explore possibilities for concrete and practical cooperation and development for various industries and sectors in Beijing and Hong Kong. The Chamber will play a robust role to bridge and connect the two cities for deeper all-round collaboration. In particular, it will guide more Hong Kong young talents to pursue career and innovation in Beijing.


Exploring new opportunities for high-quality collaboration

Nie Jieying, Member of the Standing Committee of the Chaoyang District Party Committee and Executive Deputy Head of District, presented the latest economic and industrial development of the district to delegates. He pointed out that many industries in Chaoyang District are forerunners of Beijing capable of fully dovetailing with Hong Kong’s sectors and industries. Moreover, Chaoyang District is home to many foreign embassies. It can work with Hong Kong to explore how to enhance well-coordinated professional services.
Zheng Hao, Head of Tongzhou District, said that Beijing Municipal Administrative Center is now in the critical stage of “establishing long-term development; strengthening functions and comprehensive upgrade”. The urban framework and functions are improving and taking shape progressively. He hopes to see the Chamber leading Hong Kong businesses to seek development along the Grand Canal and actively participating in the investment and construction of Municipal Administrative Center.
Sun Yao, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center, pointed out that Beijing Municipal Administrative Center embraces the construction and development concept of “global vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics and high-point positioning”. He hopes the Chamber’s extensive business network can make positive impact to guide and encourage Hong Kong businesses to invest in Beijing.


Gaining Insights about Chaoyang’s Business Environment and the Planned Municipal Administrative Center in Tongzhou

During the Beijing tour, the delegation visited the Investment Promotion Service Center of Chaoyang District People’s Government and Zhengda Center to get a comprehensive view of Chaoyang District’s efforts in attracting investment and optimizing the business environment. The tour also included the Planning Exhibition Hall of Beijing Municipal Administrative Center in Tongzhou District and Xinguangda Center in the Canal Business District to learn more about the development plan and industrial layout of the Canal Business District. The delegation also visited three architectural landmarks of Central Green Forest Park, namely, the Grand Canal Museum, Beijing Library and the Beijing Art Centre, and exchanged views with Beijing’s municipal and business leaders on various aspects.
Choi stresses that Hong Kong can actively explore how to strengthen interfacing with Chaoyang District and Tongzhou District. By leveraging advantages of its “eight centers” positioning, Hong Kong can work with Beijing to create an open and international business environment, while linking up with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Delegation members pointed out that there is immense potential for cooperation between Hong Kong and Beijing Municipal Administrative Center. They also highlighted Beijing’s world-class arts and cultural facilities, and indicated Beijing and Hong Kong could explore ways to strengthen ties in cultural and creative initiatives and jointly promote artistic and cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.