Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message

Hong Kong’s Future Looks Promising with Full State Support

CGCC will actively encourage members and the business community to earnestly study and understand the spirit of President Xi’s speech, and fully support the effective governance in accordance with the law of the new-term HKSAR Government, working together to write a new chapter of Hong Kong.


It is our wish to see all parties working hand in hand to overcome the challenges that are arising in the post-epidemic era and from shifting global situations.


We are confident that John Lee’s daring to change and strong sense of duty will lead Hong Kong to scale new heights.


Hong Kong can then grasp the immense opportunities in the post-epidemic times, but the government also needs to prepare for possible downside risks to the economy.


At this very moment, the top priority is of course to curb the spread of COVID in Hong Kong. We hope the HKSAR government can control the epidemic as soon as possible.


No doubt challenges will remain in the Year of the Tiger, but opportunities also abound. The fundamentals of the Chinese economy remain unchanged, so Hong Kong must make the most of its strengths and embrace all new opportunities.