Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message

全速救災 為民解困



CGCC will continue to consolidate its business network with the goal of meeting President Xi’s expectations on all fronts and shaping a better future.


CGCC has taken over as the next WCEC secretariat. Leveraging the united strength of ethnic
Chinese businesses and communities, we will strive to strengthen the global network of
Chinese entrepreneurs, and expand their role in the world’s economic development.


CGCC’s business delegation to the Middle East has been useful in promoting exchange and cooperation between Hong Kong and the Middle East. Through similar delegations and exchange activities, the Chamber will continue to strengthen ties with the political and business sectors in the Mainland and the B&R regions.


CGCC will dedicate itself to bringing the Mainland and Hong Kong business sectors together and plug into Chinese and overseas economic and trade networks. We will galvanize the local business sector into “enhancing Hong Kong’s integration with the Mainland and communication with the international world”, so that the city can perform its functional role as a “super connector” more effectively.


The “Two Sessions” this year affirmed high-quality development as the first and foremost task in building a modern socialist country in all aspects. This will allow Hong Kong’s industrial and business sectors to find new opportunities using their Mainland and overseas networks and connections.


We must make up for lost time as normalcy is fully resumed for economic development. Through wholistic participation in the development of the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong can accelerate its integration into the country’s development in the new era.