Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message

Development of New Quality Productive Forces Offers Hong Kong New Advantages

All sectors of Hong Kong must leverage the opportunities arising from the country’s strategy to develop new quality productive forces, consolidate Hong Kong’s “eight centers” positioning, and further enhance internationalization, so that Hong Kong can continue to thrive in the new era.


Hong Kong can rely on its strengths in financial and professional services to provide support for I&T products in various areas and strengthen cooperation with the entire Bay Area to assist it in its role as a bridgehead for the country’s I&T development.


CGCC will continue to leverage its contacts and perform its bridging role as a chamber of commerce and make every effort to encourage the entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce and trade associations of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to strengthen cooperation and complement each other’s strengths, as well as maintain close communication with government departments to convey the business community’s needs and concerns.


Industrial and commercial businesses in Hong Kong must quickly evaluate the impact of a trade war on short- and mid-term business activities and take steps to prevent and deal with those changes.


CGCC and Hong Kong’s industrial and business community earnestly look forward to the implementation of the Bay Area’s development plan, which will provide enormous new opportunities for Hong Kong businesses.


We look forward to various sectors of the society taking hold of the opportunities to deepen Hong Kong’s role as a hub for regional cooperation. CGCC will further perform its function as a bridge to explore more development opportunities at home and abroad for member companies and the business community.


The Budget should offer more financial support in driving industrial research, development and innovation, and that concrete policies should be formulated to assist the business and industrial community to effectively take part in regional construction.


Although deepening economic, trade and investment exchanges are an important driver, cultural and social interaction is also an essential element for driving market cooperation along the B&R.


It can be anticipated that the Greater Bay Area plan will bring unprecedented opportunities for Hong Kong’s economy. In particular, we can combine the strengths of Hong Kong and Shenzhen in the IT field and work together to give new impetus to the GBA’s development.


As an international financial center, Hong Kong can form a win-win alliance with Singapore and other ASEAN financial hubs to serve as a connection platform for international capital investing in ASEAN, East Asia and markets along the B&R.