Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message

Bolstering Economic Confidence is Key

It is a delight to see that the new Budget has adopted a number of recommendations by CGCC to address these issues, including the removal of the “harsh measures” for the property market, the expansion of the scope of government bonds, and concrete measures in other areas such as to rebuild business confidence.


We hope the HKSAR Government will give greater support to Hong Kong’s industrial and commercial sectors. Such efforts will maximize Hong Kong’s unique strengths and functional roles.


CGCC will continue to take active part in China’s ongoing reform and open pursuits, and maximize both the “benefits of being one country” and the “advantages of having two systems” to promote greater involvement of Hong Kong’s business community in the wider development of China.


Hong Kong’s business community and society should make good use of
the convenience brought by these infrastructure projects and capture the
opportunities from regional cooperation to open up new space for Hong
Kong’s long-term development.


It is imperative for the HKSAR Government to increase land supply in
the short, medium and long terms through optimal use of existing land
resources and expansion of developable land space on many fronts to
provide sustainable and stable land supply to drive Hong Kong’s
development in the long run.


The participation of Hong Kong’s industrial and commercial sectors in the regional cooperation platform will not only create a more diversified market, but also fully leverage Hong Kong’s strengths to meet our country’s needs.


It is hoped that the HKSAR Government will provide appropriate support to affected Hong Kong businesses in light of the recent Sino-US trade disputes and drive Hong Kong’s industries toward high value-added and diversified development.


CGCC will actively perform its function as a bridge to help members overcome the various challenges. We will continue to assist members to explore new areas of market development through extensive participation in regional cooperation and reduce the impact of single market fluctuations on the business community.


Hong Kong can rely on its strengths in financial and professional services to provide support for I&T products in various areas and strengthen cooperation with the entire Bay Area to assist it in its role as a bridgehead for the country’s I&T development.