Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message

Development of New Quality Productive Forces Offers Hong Kong New Advantages

All sectors of Hong Kong must leverage the opportunities arising from the country’s strategy to develop new quality productive forces, consolidate Hong Kong’s “eight centers” positioning, and further enhance internationalization, so that Hong Kong can continue to thrive in the new era.


The amelioration of housing problems, the refinement of the democratic and legal systems, the creation of development opportunities for the young generation, the promotion of diversified industries, and further integration into the country’s development framework should be addressed by means of policy support in the upcoming Policy Address.


We urge the public to get vaccinated at their earliest convenience, so that Hong Kong will be able to achieve “zero case” as soon as possible, and can then seek to lift quarantine requirements with the Mainland, which will ultimately help the Hong Kong economy to thrive again.


It can be expected that the government’s administration and operation of the LegCo will be much more efficient under the new electoral system.


By acting in concert with Greater Bay Area’s development direction and the country’s development framework, Hong Kong businesses will be able to find immense opportunities in the Greater Bay Area market.


With an improved and stable administrative system, Hong Kong will be able to focus on economic development and social construction.


A stable social environment is crucial to the effective implementation of the support measures proposed by the Budget, and to helping businesses to tap into new opportunities under the new circumstances.